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December 15th-17th, 2023

Prado Recreation Dog Park,
17505 Euclid Ave, Chino, CA 91708

Test Entry Rules:

Test entries will be open to SoCal NAVHDA Chapter members first until October 23,2023, after which entries will be open to all other NAVHDA Chapters on a first-come, first-served basis.


All owners (or at least one owner of co-owned dogs) and handlers of dogs entered in a NAVHDA test must be NAVHDA International members. Your NAVHDA member number is located on the mailing label just above your name on the Versatile Hunting Dog Magazine. You can also locate the number online at Also, no dog is to be entered in the test without being NAVHDA registered. There are no exceptions to this requirement. The NAVHDA dog registration number is your dog’s NAVHDA number that is on the Registration Certificate Pedigree you received from NAVHDA. *The Test Secretary will only process entry forms done online. *Please Do Not email scanned test entry forms or membership applications. 


Fully completed Entry Forms and Test Fees are required in order to reserve a spot in the test.  Entries received without complete and correct information will be deferred until the information is updated. After submitting the form, you will be notified if there is a test spot available or if you will be placed on the waiting list. Once notified that you have a spot reserved, you have three days to complete payment for the test. You will be provided a link and a password to access the payment webpage. If you have not completed payment within three days, your spot will be given to the next in line on the waiting list. If you are placed on the waiting list, you do not need to pay until notified by email that you are cleared to move forward with payment. Once notified, you have three days to pay or the slot will be offered to the next in line. 



*No handler or owner may run more than 2 dogs.

*No entry fees will be refunded with the exception of: 

(A) an entry is filled with a replacement prior to two weeks before the test date; or

(B) for a medical condition confirmed by either a doctor's or veterinarian's note.

* If a dog is pulled from a test, the waiting list will determine who is next in line and offered the next spot.


*Please email completed test applications to Test Secretary Becca Gardea at

SoCal NAVHDA Chapter Test Entry Fees: 

NA (SoCal chapter member) $250.00

NA (non-SoCal chapter member) $275.00

UPT/UT (SoCal chapter member) $300.00

UPT/UT (non-SoCal chapter member) $325.00

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