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Board Members

President - Rodge Fradella

Here with my GSP Heidi. I’m an avid hunter, fisherman and all around outdoor person that enjoys dog training.

Vice President - Scott Ackerman

Three years ago when I joined NAVHDA, I couldn't spell it and I wasn't quite sure what a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon was. The absolute best two decisions I have made in reference to dog training. This chapter of NAVHDA has been super. The people want to help you and your dog achieve the goals you set for your dog and yourself. Willie and I are in the field hunting from September through February. The balance of the year we are at NAVHDA training days.  Join us so will all can grow together.

Secretary - Irene- Fradella​
Training Coordinator - Ty Mitchel

I have been an active member of the SoCal NAVHDA Chapter since 2011 when I began training my first German Shorthaired Pointer puppy, Falco. Falco and I tested in Natural Ability and Utility.


Currently I am training my second GSP, Skylar. He received his Prize I in Natural Ability and we are now actively training for his Utility Test. Skylar and I hunt upland birds and duck.

Training Coordinator - Jon Auer
Past President/Training Coordinator - Jim McDonald

My Large Munsterlander Ryder and I joined NAVHDA in 2012. Before I joined I thought I knew a little about training by watching videos and reading books and that Ryder was doing well. When I went to a NAVHDA test I saw how little I actually knew and how I had let Ryder and my self down with our training. I found and joined So. Cal. NAVHDA, the members of the club took me in and helped me train Ryder from an out of control puppy all the way to the Invitational. The NAVHDA system has worked for me and I hope to carry on the tradition of members helping members get the most out of their four-legged friends. 

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